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Frequently Asked Questions

What size tent do I need?
This depends on the use of the tent. The rule of thumb is 10sqft per person, but if you need extra space for food service, bar area or dance floor then that has to be factored in.

How much space do I need for the tent to be installed?
Our clearspan tents do not have any guy ropes so if the tent size is 50x100ft, then we can work in 52 x 105ft of space and get it done. 

Do I require you to do a site visit?
We recommend it in almost all cases. There is no charge for any local site visits.

Does it matter what type of surface the tent is installed on?
Tents can be installed on any surface, including grass, gravel, asphalt, decks, concrete, etc.

Can your tents be installed without staking down?
Our structures are perfect in applications where staking is prohibited. We use 300 gallon water ballast to hold down the tent and it is as safe as staking.

For smaller structures, 33ft wide and smaller we use 55 gallon water ballast.

Do I need a tent permit?
In some cases you do. We can let you know if you require one and we can obtain one for you.

How far does your company travel?
We have been as far as California, Vancouver, Montreal, and most other states in the U.S. so we cover the whole of the U.S. We have also shipped product overseas so if you have some event or need anywhere in the world we would be delighted to give pricing for that.