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Tent Rentals

Worldwide, tents have always been a critical element of outdoor events and projects. Rental Tents for corporate and special events can be huge endeavors. Weather can play a major part in an outdoor event. Tents can be the perfect way to protect your guests from inclement weather.

Tent Rentals are offered in package prices and depend on the scope of the project. Evans Event provides local and nationwide support to Companies, including Festival Tent and Party Tent rentals for Corporate Events, Parties and Special Events.

Clear Span Tent Rentals

A clear span tent is a sturdy aluminum frame structure that does not require internal poles to support tent fabric. A heavy duty extruded aluminum box beam frame supports itself over the entire width of the tent. All of our clear span tents have an 18 degree roof pitch and are virtually water tight. Fabric panels are run through groove channels in the aluminum beams for a tight, clean, drum-like fit. The result is a lightweight fabric structure that can be installed quickly and withstand severe weather conditions.

These engineered Clear Span tents are more like portable buildings than any conventional pole, small frame or tension tents. These structures can be erected quickly for the most elegant one night party and then quickly disappear or they can stay up for many years with minimal upkeep.

Whether you are looking for an intimate and elegant 50 person sit down dinner or a 65,000 square foot temporary warehouse, Evans Event’s clearspan fabric  structures can fulfill your needs.


  • Huge square footage capabiliites in a short time
  • Wide open interior for unobstructed use
  • Virtually water tight
  • No guide ropes needed, eliminating a common trip hazard
  • Incredible strength and durability in bad weather
  • Up to 1000 lbs. live load hanging per arch (lighting is easy)
  • Easy to heat and cool

Tent Rental Sizes and Specifications:

Clear Span Tents are available in numerous sizes for rental. Our tents are engineered as a modular system that bases tent sizes in 5 meter (16.5 ft.) increments. Tent widths are limited up to 164 ft. wide, while length can span up to 1000 ft. or more! The following guide gives examples of the most common tent sizes.

  • Tent width sizes start at 10 meters (33ft.) wide and increase in 5 meter increments
  • Tent length begins at 5 meters(16.5ft.) and can increase at 5 meter (16.5 ft.) intervals until your square footage needs are covered. Each 5meter increment requires the addition of a tent arch.
  • Tent height offers two standard options:
  • 33ft, 40ft, 50ft, 60ft and 82ft wide tents can have an outside eave height of 8ft,  10ft or 13ft.

Flame Retardance

All tent fabrics meet California Fire Codes for Flame Retardency.


All of our Clear Span Tents meet California tent codes for structural engineering. Engineering books relevant to each tent size is available for the local tent permit process.

Tents are wind rated to 75 mph sustained wind speed.

Accessories for Tent Rentals