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Tent Accessories


Each event requires different lighting needs. We have an array of chandeliers for your wedding and special event tents and we carry 400watt halide lights for our big clearspan tents and our industrial applications. Please call us so we can help you with your lighting needs.

Tent doors

Our portable structures can be equipped with a variety of doors. If your application requires a drive through, then a roll-up door can be used.


Evans Event can provide a variety of flooring products. Weight upon the floor and terrain determine which is used.

-Modular interlocking wood floor. This is a steel leveled sub-floor, with 4×4 timbers on top, followed by our treated flame resistant decking. Uses include: undulating or sloping terrain, weddings, corporate events, sporting events etc.

-Portafloor. This is a plastic interlocking floor, used primarily on level surfaces, such as concrete, asphalt or level grass areas.

portafloor/ hexadeck tent floor lou KY

Portafloor/Hexadeck Tent Floor


HVAC / Temperature control

Evans Event has the capability to either provide giant ceiling fans or for your high-end events create a 70 degree environment with our state of the art HVAC units. These units sit outside the tent and duct air into the tent, controlled by a thermostat. Our units provide heat or a/c and we have found that events such as a September corporate hospitality event could use the heat in the early morning as guests arrive for breakfast, followed by a/c in the afternoon as outside temperatures climb to 80+ degrees. Generally these units require generators to power them, which we additionally provide. Check out our Temperature Control division for more details on all of your HVAC needs.